An award winning tool for plumbers, that makes flux application simpler, cleaner and more efficient.

The Fluxuator was created to solve the issues associated with traditional flux application techniques when soldering copper pipe. The traditional methods of applying flux can be messy and time consuming, with the Fluxuator those issues can be eliminated.

  • Self Cleaning, Water soluble flux
  • UK WRAS approved Copalux flux (pH7)
  • For use on Gas, Water and Potable water

Applying flux using the traditional brush and tub can be time consuming, especially when you have lots of joints to solder. The Fluxuator’s simple and easy to use design cuts this time right down: getting the job done quicker.

With a brush and tub it is easy to get flux where you don’t want it; hands, walls and fixings. The Fluxuator reduces the risk of contact with the flux, making the process cleaner and safer.

Unlike a brush and tub the Fluxuator is difficult to contaminate, no more dirty brushes and wasted pots. The Fluxuator helps you to produce the highest quality of work on every job.