Why do I need a Fluxuator?

Work Smarter, Not Harder

It is our belief that the Fluxuator is the safest and cleanest and most economical way of applying flux to copper pipe on the market. The universal refill, when connected to the head unit will keep the flux contamination free. With a simple turn the whole of the pipe is coated with just the right amount of non acidic pH neutral flux. Controlled release gives accurate usage estimation.

Built with a durable PCTG plastic the Fluxuator is designed to withstand  use onsite and can be used one handed giving the plumber/installer the three points of contact required by H&S, while working on a ladder.

Each 75g container gives approximately 500 applications, and the full 75g is used. The flux used in the Fluxuator is UK WRAS approved, water soluble and self cleaning, Copalux flux (pH7 neutral).

The Fluxuator is cleaner than conventional methods, like the pot and brush, or even a finger, so no staining of the hands. Unlike other fluxes there is less chance of stained clothing, giving the installer a smarter appearance. Should the head unit get debris in it, it can be washed under the tap. The screw cap lid from the refill is used to protect the head unit when not in use, and sits at the bottom of the Fluxuator when in use.  The empty refill container can be washed under the tap and recycled.